Protect Gladstone Taxpayers' Hard-Earned Money

During these difficult times, the City needs to be especially careful to respect residents’ hard-earned money by not raising utility fees.  With millions of our tax dollars stored in an unused City contingency fund, officials need to think twice before raising taxes, too.

Capital Projects and Infrastructure 

Work still needs to be done in Gladstone to get our new library built, properly fund our incredible parks and to repair our streets, sewers and water system.

Prioritize Public Safety

We also need to make sure that we continue to provide the proper tools, training and support for our Police Department, while keeping its operations transparent.


Investigate High-Speed, Low-Cost Municipal Internet

Other cities in Oregon have constructed high-speed municipal internet systems with exceptional results.  In Gladstone, such a system would provide residents with low-cost service, help close the digital divide, and improve access for remote workers and students all of ages; without having to raise taxes.


Ensure Value from Regional Partnerships

We need to make sure that when we partner with Metro, ODOT and other regional organizations that these relationships actually benefit the people of Gladstone.


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